Shenandoah Mountain Road

As we headed back from our long walk along the dirt road back to our cabin, I was captivated by the contrast of the black forest pines playing against the deep yellow fields in the background.  This road has been well traveled and the land part of an old family homestead.  Potato fields and old fenced corrals are a few of the remaining reminders of this Virginia outback.  The road runs for several miles along the ridge line of the Shenandoah Mountains.  To keep the essence of this scene I created a black and white photo and used that as my starting point bringing color into the painting gradually not wanting to lose the drama of the scene.  I began using sepia and then added color.  This was a new approach for me and one I will definitely try in the future.  The scene took on an old world feeling.  The beauty and serenity of this place never disappoints whether it be an early spring morning walk or a hike in late autumn.

Shenandoah Mountain Road.jpg