Autumn Hike


The spectacular colors of autumn in the New England countryside have always been a rich source of inspiration for me.    The canopy of the towering trees provide a cathedral-like covering.  The sparkle of the sunlight through the white birch trees, the glow of the trees with their brilliant fall foliage, the cool crisp air and the peace and solitude on the trail rejuvenate me and fill me with a boundless joy.  Although I enjoy a variety of painting venues it seems I always come back to landscapes.  They speak to me of God's creative nature and brings indescribable sense of peace to me. Being in the outdoors is a form of worship to me. 

This piece has found it's home in the new RMH Women's Health Center.  Women in our community go there for a variety of health related issues.  My hope and prayer is that this piece will bring a sense of God's peace and healing, both physically and emotionally, to each woman who views this art.